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Entry Level Sites


The "Basic Business Bundle"

Ideal situations for choosing our Starter Website package:

  • When your small business is just starting out and you have a very limited budget.
  • When your business wants a website as an informational reference for their existing clients.
  • When your business will be self-generating customers through other sources of advertising to drive readers to your website.
  • These types of websites are also very valuable for candidates running for office, such as municipal, provincial or federal politics where budget is a concern.

Cost: $650.00 + GST (includes your first year of hosting, a $132 value)

Our Kelowna Web Designers team offers an attractive starter web presence, which consists of a 4-page website (some exceptions may apply). This is essentially an online business brochure with basic information as supplied by the client. This " presence" type of website equates or exceeds what you would get at a Do-It-Yourself online platform. However, the difference is that we do all the work for you:

  • We do the setup and layout for you
  • We find professional pictures that reflect your product or service.
  • We include basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) parameters.
  • We host your website for you (first year included)
  • We help you research the best domain name for your business
  • We register your domain name with our affiliated Domain Name Registrar (cost varies depending on extension such as .com, .ca, .net or others, as well as number of years you want to register for.)
  • We do all the technical steps necessary to tie in domain names on our affiliated Registrar and your website account on our hosting service.
  • We include up to 3 email addresses associated with your domain (example:,, etc).
Affordable Web Design Ltd and all its affiliates ensure that we do the best we can to help you rank as highly as possible in internet searches.

What to Expect

This is a "static" website and once we build it for you, we will do all changes and updates for you. When you wish to update your site, you send us an email with whatever changes you want done and we only charge you for the time it takes to do that update, based on our hourly fee, with a 10-minute minimum.

This package is based on receiving the following supplied by our clients in an electronic format (example: via email, or files sent through services such as Google Drive, or Dropbox):

  • your logo
  • Content for a Home page, an Aboutpage, a page showing more details about your products or services, and a Contact page.
  • Your contact Information as well as hours of operation if applicable.
  • Photos (usually maximum 3 to a page) - we will supply professional-looking images for page banners, as well as page images if required.
  • Whatever short text you wish to submit per page, with a maximum of 4 pages (some exceptions do apply and we can add a 5th page if necessary).

If you need more than just the very basics, we recommend that you visit our custom designs page to see how a customized website, which includes the necessary search engine parameters, can still be cost effective for your business.

Professional Kelowna Web Designers serving Kelowna and surrounding communities.