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Looking after your own site

Although many people often ask about looking after their own sites, most don't realize what goes into that process in order to enable a non-web professional person to easily maintain their own site "in plain English". The concept of creating websites was not originally meant to have non web developers create or maintain their own websites. This is why Content Management Systems were created.

What exactly is a Content Management System?

Also referred to as a CMS, this is a web programming module that allows the non-technical person to either create a brand new website from the beginning, or to update existing content without having to know any computer language.

Affordable Web Design Ltd and its affiliated Kelowna web designing and developing team members offer two ways of looking after your site:

  1. For those who have no intentions of making any changes themselves, we will do all updates and maintenance for you. You just send us an email with your changes, and we will take care of the rest. There is no monthly maintenance fee - we only charge for the time taken to update your website, based on our hourly fee. For example, if you only need a small text or image change and it only takes 10 minutes, the hourly fee will be prorated to 10 minutes.
  2. For those who have a lot of changes on a regular basis, a CMS is often the best way to go. This does however require at least a basic knowledge of how to work with text and images, such as sizing them, cropping them, etc. If you only have very few changes over a monthly or longer period, you are usually better off letting us do the changes for you.
Affordable Web Design Ltd and its team of Kelowna Web Designers are ready to create any web function you need.


Wordpress is often a very good choice when you want to be able to look after your website on a regular basis. This refers to regular pages, but can also apply to an online store where you will be uploading information and images about your products.

  • Wordpress is a popular CMS, but it's not very easy to work with for the average user.
  • Templates can be quite restrictive so you won't always be able to make the template do what you want it to.
  • You need a general knowledge of how to work with administration panels, how to work with pictures and text - this can be easy for some, and very daunting for others.

Our own Custom CMS:

  • Many people came to us complaining that they just couldn't deal with trying to do their own updates on their Wordpress sites.
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd developers therefore came up with an amazingly simple "content management system" which allows just about anyone to be able to look after a website easily, by themselves.
  • We first create the website for you, then incorporate our Custom Content Management System so that you can just follow the layout we have and easily update your information.

Contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can recommend the best system for you.

Our success rate with SEO is superb for the majority of our clients.