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Affordable Web Design Ltd and its professional web designers offer easy to use content management systems to look after your web content.

Content Management Systems

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers a CMS system with both our Basic Business Bundle + CMS option, and with any custom design you need.

What exactly is a Content Management System?

Also referred to as a CMS, this is a web programming module that allows the non-technical person to either create a brand new website from the beginning, or to update existing content without having to know any computer language.

Is a website that I create myself just as effective as one created by a professional designer?

  • There are a lot of ads out there that make it sound like using a cheap website builder will help you create the same effective product as you get from a professional web designer such as Affordable Web Design Ltd.
    • Put it this way: if you only knew how to build a shed using precut materials, would you attempt to construct a custom home?
  • The old adage of "you get what you pay for" certainly applies to websites, although with Affordable Web Design Ltd, you get a whole lot more than you pay for!
  • Even using those cheap premade templates isn't easy either (and they usually lack the "right stuff" to attract internet searches) - there is a certain level of computer knowledge required when trying to put a website together yourself by using premade template programs (ex: Wordpress, Wix or any other versions of Website Builders).
  • You need to know how to size and optimize pictures, how to lay out your text and your images, etc, you need to be able to write your text in a logical manner that will attract any potential clients, etc.... lots of things to think of...

Lots of people use Wordpress - what's that like?

Wordpress is a popular CMS, but it's not very easy to work with for the average user.

  • Many "web designers" only know how to create websites using Wordpress because they are not designing, they are mainly just adding pictures and text to someone else's premade template design.
  • They will tell you that you can make your own changes to your website, but this is definitely not as easy as it sounds.
  • Many people came to us complaining that they just couldn't deal with trying to do their own updates through their site which had been built using Wordpress (and they complained they couldn't be found through internet searches either). Affordable Web Design Ltd developers therefore came up with an amazingly simple "content management system" which allows just about anyone to be able to look after a website easily, by themselves. Click here to read more!

Our Content Management System, together with our custom designs which incorporate the necessary parameters to help you be found through Google and other Search Engines, make a powerful combination in the world of web!

Remaking an existing design often means starting from scratch.