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We offer yearly web hosting solutions that give all our clients total peace of mind!


"Hosting" is the use of equipment known as servers which allow your website to be visible on the internet.

We offer hosting services as part of our "one-stop-shop" concept, to make everything easier for our clients.

  • Our Kelowna Web Designers team, affiliated with Affordable Web Design Ltd, partners with a large Canadian hosting server provider to ensure reliable service, but our clients only need to deal with us for any hosting needs.
  • We bill out hosting fees by the year at $132 + GST, which equates CAD $11.00 per month.
  • Although some services advertise slightly lower monthly fees, they will often charge extra for a lot of the services we include in our hosting packages.
  • We pay out to our affiliated third party hosting provider on behalf of our customers and bill you later, so that you never have to worry about overlooking a time-sensitive renewal!

Kelowna Web Designers offers web hosting solutions to all our clients - we take care of everything on your behalf!

Services Included in our Hosting Package:

  • We do not charge any additional fees to host databases (needed for E-stores or other type of programming).
  • We offer a POP email system at no extra charge and include up to 3 email addresses at the time of initial set up (although more are available if required).
  • Nightly backup of all files, including all emails on our system.
  • Full statistics packages.

Automatic Hosting Renewal:

When your hosting service expires, your website will no longer be visible on the internet.

  • In order to avoid any disruption in service, we will automatically renew the account of any client in good standing, and bill you after the renewal.
  • We must receive notification of cancellation of service in writing, at least 30 days prior to the renewal date.
  • Click here to check the worldwide directory for your expiry date if you currently have a domain name.
  • We encourage our clients to keep track of the expiry date of their domain name if they are planning to cancel.