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We offer all web-related services all in one place!

Not only do we offer web design and development, we also create logos, and take care of domain registration, hosting, maintenance and so much more - one call does it all!

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is a unique address applied to your website.

  • No one else can have the exact same one. For example, if you choose www.mydomainname.com, no one else can use that as long as you pay the yearly fee for that name so that it doesn't expire.
  • There are many different "extensions" available for the same name, though. For example, even though www.mydomainname.com might be taken, perhaps www.mydomainname.ca is not.
  • The most popular domain names are .com, .ca, .net and .org, as well as many more.
  • There are many " Country" extensions where you must live in that country in order to use that extension. For example, .ca is for Canada, .us is for the United States, .au is for Australia, etc.
  • Your domain name does not have to be the same as your business name. Choosing a domain name that includes your business " keywords" can often be very beneficial when it comes to internet searches. For example, a domain name of www.amw.com does not tell anyone who you are or what you do. Choosing www.allmywidgets.com tells people that you deal in widgets.
  • Domain names need to be renewed on a yearly basis, although you can choose to renew for several years at a time, usually up to 9 years.
  • No matter which domain name you choose, make sure that no one in your market area has the same or similar name to confuse your potential customers.

The Affordable Web Design Ltd team will help you research the best name for your business, and will do all the necessary steps on your behalf to register your domain name through our affiliated Registrar.

Affordable Web Design Ltd and its team of Kelowna Web Designers are ready to create any web function you need.

What is Hosting

Hosting is a technical step that allows your website to be visible on the internet. The machine to allow this is called a "Server". There are many different hosting services available, but not very many of them offer what Affordable Web Design Ltd does without charging you a lot more for each service.

  • We deal with a very reputable server provider and we do all the technical steps to upload your website to the server.
  • We take care of all troubleshooting when necessary.
  • Our server services are charged on a yearly basis and you don't have to try to remember when it's time to renew - we will renew on your behalf and simply bill you the yearly fee when it comes timne for renwal.
  • We include an SSL certificate, necessary to make your website secure (Google requires your website to display a little lock symbol, showing that your site is secure). Many of our competitors will offer SSL certificates but you need to pay for them.
  • We offer free email service (usually up to 5 individual email addresses) associated with your domain name. For example, info@mydomainame.com, sales@mydomainname.com, accounts@mydomainname.com, etc.
  • We do backups on all our client websites several times a day so that you don't lose your information in case of any kind of malfunction. This service is included in our yearly hosting service.

We invite you to contact us for further information regarding domains and hosting.

Our success rate with SEO is superb for the majority of our clients.