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We offer full content-writing services.

What is website content?

Website content is more than just writing some text.

  • It refers to deciding what pages you want to have and creating an easy-to-navigate layout.
  • What information should be on each page.
  • How to ensure that people can easily find that information.
  • Text that explains in detail the who, what, where and when of your services or products without being too long
  • It means putting in "all the right stuff" that will attract Google and other search engines.
  • It means combining text and images in order to attract potential customers.

Many people aren't comfortable with writing their website content - we can help!

At Affordable Web Design Ltd, we understand that providing content for a website can be daunting, to say the least! Business owners have no problem verbally explaining what they do, but often draw a blank when it comes to expressing it in writing. A website needs several pages of content and it can sometimes be a challenge to fill those pages. People often think that the web designer provides the content. Yes they will put in the content that you give them, but they don't write it. It is up to the business owner to provide everything you want to have in your website.

What we include as part of our initial estimate for your web design.

Contrary to the majority of our competition, we will guide you through a lot of steps at no extra cost:

  • Once you give us a general explanation of your business, we will offer suggestions on how best to divide up your content pages and give you general help.
  • After you have provided us with either all the text or even just text in point form for each page, we will be happy to tweak it for you so that your website can attract search engines and potential customers.
  • We will integrate images with your text in order to make your pages " pop".
Affordable Web Design Ltd and all its affiliates ensure that we do the best we can to help you rank as highly as possible in internet searches.

Full Content Writing Service

Content is key to having a successful website.

Have no clue what to put into your new website? Just don't have the time to spend to discuss the various steps and then provide at least some content?

  • We offer full content writing services, which includes researching your products and services
  • It is based on us verbally interviewing you to find out the details of your business.
  • We will then research the best images that work well with the text and reflect your product or services
  • Content writing averages between half an hour and one hour per page, depending on the amount of research, the amount of text and other factors necessary to make a page flow.
  • The majority of professional content writers charge by the word but we at Affordable Web Design Ltd and our affiliates only charge for the time it takes to do the work, based on our normal hourly charge.

Talk to us about your needs! and we can give you a more accurate estimate on what this service might cost for your particular project.

Our success rate with SEO is superb for the majority of our clients.