Affordable Web Design Ltd and its affiliates encourage you to check out our various web services policies so that there are no surprises and you get exactly what you are expecting!




Our Kelowna Web Designers team knows that the world of web development can be quite confusing, so we try to make it easy for all to understand! As part of the Affordable Web Design Ltd family, we have been helping web clients for over 26 years! There are three main factors associated with any web project, no matter which web designer you choose:

Domain Names

  • These are registered through ICANN accredited Domain Registrars. Although there are many websites offering to register your domain, most are resellers dealing with established Registrars.
  • There are a lot of different choices of "extensions" and the costs vary slightly depending on what you choose (some of the most popular extensions in Canada are .com, .ca, .net, .org).
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd and its affiliates deal with a reputable and reliable Canadian Registrar. You don't have to deal with anyone else - we take care of all the steps needed in registration, setup and technical steps to tie your domain name into your website, through our hosting service.
  • If your Domain Name is currently registered through another Registrar, you are welcome to transfer your domain name to our affiliated Registrar. We will assist you with all the steps to transfer your existing domain name (s).
  • When you transfer a domain, there is a transfer fee equal to a one-year registration, which covers the extension of your current registration for a full year.
  • If you have registered your domain name through us, we will ensure that your domain name does not accidentally expire. We will renew it on your behalf then invoice you for the renewal.
  • Please note that we cannot be responsible for any technical steps or renewal notifications for domains that remain with a non-affiliated third party.

Yearly Hosting

  • Affiliated Web Design Ltd deals with a reputable Canadian hosting server provider.
  • We do all the technical steps necessary to keep your website working properly on the internet.
  • We will invoice you once a year for the hosting renewal service so you don't need to deal with anyone else.
  • Website Design & Development

    • Website designs can vary from a few pages to hundreds of pages and the cost usually reflects the amount of time involved in a project. The more functionality in a website, the longer it takes to put it all together and therefore the more it costs!
    • Our website charges are based on the time it takes to work on a project - we have an initial one-time up-front fee to cover the actual design and development, and we then charge only for the time it takes to do your requested updates, based on our current hourly fee.
    • Consultation on website content, whether by phone, email, or in person, forms part of your initial overall project estimate. We are happy to assist even if the time exceeds the initial estimate, but this additional time will be charged based on our current hourly rate.
    • Other support - if you require our assistance with regards to marketing help, the writing or changing of website content, or help with normal computer functions not related to web design or hosting, whether in person, via telephone, or via email, is provided by our team but must be charged out on an hourly basis if it causes us to go over the originally estimated project timeframe.

    Examples of other factors that would normally affect a web design and development price:

    • SEO - additional steps to be added so that you can be found through internet searches. Affordable Web Design Ltd and its affiliates do not charge extra for adding relevant search engine optimization parameters at the time of the initial creation of your web project.
    • However, it is recommended to have us go back into your website and make occasional updates in order to keep your website's SEO current, at which time we only charge for the time it takes.
    • Programming - for such things as E-stores, Content Management Systems that allow you to look after your own updates, calendars, online payment, etc.
    • Photos from online stock photo sites - we will research and buy photos on your behalf that are considered part of the initial web content.
    • Additional services such as complete website content writing, site maintenance and updating, social media setup and maintenance, if required, etc.

    Non-Affiliated Third Party Registrars or Hosting

    • Follow-up and/or changes through non-affiliated third parties, such as registrars or hosting services other than our affiliated partners, are the responsibility of the website owner.
    • We are happy to help our clients who may be unable to do such follow-up, but this consultation must be charged out at our current hourly rate.
    • Please note that we are not responsible for the expiration of any domain name or hosting, with beyond-our-control third parties.